Jeff Vanas
1994 GMC Safari AWD
5 inch lift, 30x9.50 AT tires
West Michigan

Jeff grew up hunting and fishing. His mother, an Ottawa Indian, and his father loved spending time in the forests of northern Michigan. In the spring he would be hunting turkeys and fishing for trout. Summer was a time spent in the boat catching anything from Sunfish to Walleye.  The autumn, his favorite time of year, finds him in the colorful woods pursuing whitetail deer or ruffed grouse. And even when the lakes freeze there are fish to be caught through the ice.

Owning an AWD van just seams natural to Jeff. Getting it lifted only made it better. He likes to use the van as a portable camp. It provides him with a place to sleep while away on an adventure as well as a means to safely carry his gear. It also handles those not so well maintained roads and boat ramps with ease.
Heading out on another fishing trip
Not all Michigan bucks are trophies but they all taste good.
Jeff's 4wheeling page
Jeff and Steve after a successfull evening hunt
Craig and Jeff with a soon to be walleye dinner