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Updated December 31, 2020
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If you have questions please review the pages of our web site first. Most questions can be answered there. If you still need assistance then use one of the following methods  

E-mail me at: [email protected]
Due to a high volume of mail, responses may take a few days. If you fail to receive an answer please resend your message 

Call me Gerald at: 1-587 226-3410  
The products and vehicle modifications discussed and/or promoted by this site are for use at your own risk. Due to the nature of these products and their intended use Overland Vans and any parties associated with it will not be responsible for any claims against them. No collision studies have been performed pertaining to any of these products or the use of them on a vehicle. Off-road use of a vehicle can be dangerous. Lifting a vehicle raises it's center of gravity and therefore may be at higher risk of rollover. Caution should be used in driving any lifted vehicle. Use caution also in installing any products to your vehicle. Failure to properly support a vehicle while working on it could result in injury or death. 
About Our Company

Overland Vans is a small family owned and operated business located in Calgary,Alberta Canada. We provide the parts and information to set up the Astro and Safari vans for off road use as our specialty. 

We try to keep the cost of our products as low as possible but because of the low production numbers and the specialty of such parts they may cost more than a comparable part for a more popular vehicle. We drive vans outfitted with the same parts we sell and are striving to refine our kits to provide the best ride and performance. Thank you for considering our products.

 As I continue to update this site I will endeavor to get some pictures of myself on this page till then you'll have to be content looking at Dan the previous owner( I'd actually like to leave him on here,maybe do some company history). Thanks Gerald
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About Our Company Vans

The van on the left is our AWD with 8" of lift. It uses our 6" Cradle lift combined with our 2" subframe spacers and 2" axle block kit. The wheel wells have been opened 1.25" to provide extra clearance for the 33x9.50x15" all terrain tires. It also has Dan's trademark license plate relocation treatment. Of course the bumpers and roof rack were created at Overland too. Other mods include a K&N air filter, Jacobs electronics, Accel wires, 2.5" Flowmaster exhaust and a NP-231 transfer case. Our custom Z77 decal tops it off.
The van on the right is our 2wd with 8" of lift. It sits on 31x10.50x15 with stock wheel wells. This van is a work of art. Over 300 hours of custom body work and custom paint went into this thing. The slider door was welded shut, the license plate got my relocation treatment and the front valance and rear roll pan were replaced with plasma cut stainless. The van was painted and the polished stainless bumpers were done in house. The rear bumper doubles as a tool box that carries a Hi-Lift jack, towstrap and tools. Under the hood is a 330 HP smallblock crate motor coupled to a 700r4 tranny and 4.10 posi rear end built by Reider Racing. Tranny had all the Corvette upgrades to maximize performance.