Updated March 27, 2007
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I install a lift kit myself, with basic tools?
The typical "weekend mechanic" is capable of installing our kits with basic mechanic skills and tools. Safety should come first. Sturdy jackstands and wheel chocks are recommended.

Can my local garage install the lift?
Most all shops are capable of it. We include a full set of step-by-step instructions with each kit.

How long will it take to install a lift?
This really depends on which kit you are installing. Times range from a few hours on a small kit to a few long days for the more extreme kits.

Will my van need alignment after being lifted?
It is recommended to have an alignment performed shortly after installing a lift. Failure to have proper alignment may effect steering and cause uneven tire wear. It is also recommended that you use a "real" alignment shop. For example, a GM garage knows about the control arm knock-outs on your van and how to really dial in the front end.

Will my lifted van be unstable?
Due to the fact these vans have a relatively wide track to begin with general instability does not seem to be an issue. Of course a lifted van has a higher center of gravity and therefore is at greater risk of rollover than an stock van. See legal disclaimer

How will my lifted van handle and ride?
Most our kits increase the spring rate of the van. This makes for a "firmer" ride. Most our customers state that their lifted van has a better on-road feel.

Will lifting my van affect it's ability to tow and haul loads?
Stronger suspension handles towing and heavy loads better than stock suspension. It is not however recommended to exceed the GVWR of your van.

Why are the shipping cost so high?
Most suspension products are very heavy and therefore cost a considerable amount to ship. We ship via UPS ground to reduce shipping expense.

How soon will I recieve my order?
Your order will generally take 7-10 days to process and ship. Special order and made to order items may take longer.


The products and vehicle modifications discussed and/or promoted by this site are for use at your own risk. Due to the nature of these products and their intended use Overland Vans and any parties associated with it will not be responsible for any claims against them. No collision studies have been performed pertaining to any of these products or the use of them on a vehicle. Off-road use of a vehicle can be dangerous. Lifting a vehicle raises it's center of gravity and therefore may be at higher risk of rollover. Caution should be used in driving any lifted vehicle. Use caution also in installing any products to your vehicle. Failure to properly support a vehicle while working on it could result in injury or death.