Updated March 25, 2007
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1997 Astro AWD

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The products and vehicle modifications discussed and/or promoted by this site are for use at your own risk. Due to the nature of these products and their intended use Overland Vans and any parties associated with it will not be responsible for any claims against them. No collision studies have been performed pertaining to any of these products or the use of them on a vehicle. Off-road use of a vehicle can be dangerous. Lifting a vehicle raises it's center of gravity and therefore may be at higher risk of rollover. Caution should be used in driving any lifted vehicle. Use caution also in installing any products to your vehicle. Failure to properly support a vehicle while working on it could result in injury or death.
Bill Meyers
When Bill takes time off from restoring vintage guitars he likes to climb in his Astro and head for the hills. He often uses the "jeep" trails and sand washes through the desert areas of southern California to take him back through the Mesquite and Palo Verde forests. Alot of the terrain is rocky and the views in open country are spetacular.  His Astro has been outfitted for such adventures. He has 4" of lift and runs 30x9.50 BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires. Should he get in trouble out there he carries a Hi-Lift jack on his ConFerr safari rack. Bill added a Warn Classic Bumper and ConFerr Jerry Can Carrier. He also added a custom air deflector to the safari rack and a skid plate to protect vital areas. Now he has a rugged "sport utility" that can easily carry both him and his wife, all their camping gear, a couple of friendly K9s and even has room left over to collect some desert rocks. Thanks for all the great shots Bill.
Owner.........Bill Meyers / San Diago, CA
Model..........1997 Astro with AWD
Lift F/R........OVERLAND 4" front and rear
Wheels........White "Wagon Wheels"
Tires............30x9.50 BFGoodrich Radial TA
Engine.........Stock L35 4.3 V6
Tranny..........Stock 4L60E
T-case......... Stock BorgWarner 4472